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About Us

A new player in the Sports Medical supplies market our principals and objectives are simple. 

In every category that we deliver, we aim to provide the best possible product at competitive prices whilst supporting all community clubs , professional sporting associations and health care professionals. A simple enough philosophy that many companies easily lay claim to, though fail to deliver .

Strapit backs this up with exhaustive research, market testing and analysis of all our products. Our products are routinely tested on clinical patients, athletes and weekend warriors and scrutinised by industry renowned health professionals. 

It has been an incredible journey as we have literally scoured the globe to ensure the makeup of our products is 2nd to none.  Not that we believe that what we have achieved to date is enough. We will continue to challenge ourselves to make sure we continue to improve our current offering whilst looking to provide new and innovative products. Keep an eye out for the complimentary range of products that we will be bringing to market very soon that are sure to impress.

We have analysed our competitors in every aspect of quality, price and brand positioning. We are confident what we will provide to your business / club will maximise cost savings without sacrificing quality of products.


Strapit has worked with health professional consultants to bring you the very best products. We have developed both a professional and a premium line-up of tapes so you have the option to pick your quality of tape based on your clinic needs and individual patient requirements. Our professional range is the very best quality on todays market with excellent adhesive properties and tape strength so you and your patients will not be disappointed.  


We have a commitment to support amateur or elite sporting clubs without prejudice. Whether your club is part of the professional sporting competition or is a local community sporting club, Strapit will support you via various initiatives.

Greater support, Greater service, quality products at Great value.



Contact us today and see what we can do for you.