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Gripit "ACTIVETAPE" Functional Deload Taping Course - Perth

Venue Name Curtin University
Start Date  07/12/2016 07:00 PM
End Date 07/12/2016 09:15 PM
Address Kent Street, Bentley WA
Phone 1300 529 965

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Come and attend our 2 hour course learning the principles of our Functional Deload Taping Method. Using the innovative Nylon “ACTIVETAPE” being an extremely elasticated tape with 280%, this workshop will teach you the application principles of TRUE deloading of the musculoskeletal system through full range of motion.

This tape and its principles of application are completely DIFFERENT to kinesiology taping. It is not a kinesiology tape. Learn from world experts in taping and start to understand this new approach to complement your existing understanding and skill base in taping.

Other overseas kinesiology taping companies distributing products in Australia incorrectly teach you that their tapes do everything which is just not true. We teach you the correct approach with 100% clinical relevance and justification.

The ACTIVETAPE deload approach is a must for health professionals and trainers who want a complete approach to taping. 



  • Learn and apply ACTIVE Tape to Deload joints/muscles/nerves/fascia
  • Challenge your current ideas and understanding on how the various tapes should be used and ACTIVETAPE’s fundamental use & relevance in the overall taping domain 
  • Right tape for the right method/injury - we will ensure you are using the correct tape
  • Leave with confidence to use this tape immediately in your workplace/practice



All participants receive a complimentary GRIPIT ACTIVETAPE SAMPLES, scissors and access to exclusive GRIPIT training media.


Paul Haas

Paul is head of high performance at WAG gymnastics managing their elite international gymnasts, former TAC cup physio, VIC state & elite junior basketball pathway physiotherapist. Paul has developed many complex taping techniques from years working with Australian representative gymnasts. Paul will be presenting at all courses.

Megan Roy

Megan Roy is a highly experienced Sports Physiotherapist working at the elite level across a number of sports. She is Cricket Australia’s Women’s Program Physiotherapist working with the recent T20 World Cup winning Australian Women’s Cricket Team, the Southern Stars.

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